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There is so much choice at Branded from rugs to bedding and everything in between. If you have any questions about the products please send us a message.

Sheets & Pillowcases

Fitted and Flat Sheets

Fitted and Flat Sheets
High quality 400 threadcount
for extra comfort and longevity.
Available in Single, Double, King and Super King.
Prices start from €11.00, message for more information.

Single, double pillowcases

High quality 400 threadcount
for extra comfort and longevity.
UK size pillowcases and bolster
cases for the beds 90cm, 135cm
and 150cm.
Prices start from €4.00,
message for more information.

Flannalette fitted sheets

Flannelette Sheets
High Quality 95% Cotton thick flannelette sheets. Available in
Single, Double, King and Super
King as Fitted or Sheet Sets.
Prices start from €15.00,
message for more information.


Mattress Protectors

Mattress Protectors
Our mattress protectors are high quality fitted sheet style, slightly quilted for extra comfort. Available in both breathable and waterproof for Single, Double, King and Super King. Prices start from €14.00, message for more information.

Pillow Protectors

Pillow Protectors

Our pillow protectors are slightly quilted to add extra protection and comfort, machine washable at 40 degrees. Made for UK size pillows and in packs of 2. Prices start from €12.00 (pk of 2), message for more information.

Duvets & Pillows

Hollow Fibre Duvets

Hollow Fibre Duvets
Our hollow fibre duvets
are excellent for providing
the warmth while being
lightweight and comfortable.
Available in these Tog ratings:
4.5, 7.5, 10.5 and 13.5 for the
Single, Double, King and
Super King. Prices start from €25.00, message for more information.

Recovery Fibre Filled Pillows
Duck Feather Pillows

Recovery Fibre Filled Pillows
We have 2 types of pillows
filled with recovery fibre so
that the pillow keeps its shape
for longer, giving you the choice
of: Bounce back &
super bounce back. Prices start from €12.00, message for more information.

Duck Feather Pillows
Premium white duck
feathers used to give a
beautifully soft pillow.
It has a 100% cotton
cover with a special
lining to stop any
feathers from escaping.
Sold in packs of 2. Prices
start from €35.00,
message for more

Memory Foam Pillows

Memory Foam Pillows
Luxury memory foam giving
a comfortable firm support
pillow. Prices start from €22.00, message for more information.

Bolster pillows

Bolster Pillows

Fibre Filled – available in 90cm, 135cm and 150cm

 Memory Foam – available in 90c,. 135cm and 150cm

Prices start from €9.00, message for more information.

Temperature Regulating Mattress Covers and Pillow Covers

Temp Cont Matt Cover and Pill Covers

A must have to help you sleep during the hot summer nights.  These covers are made from a special material using the latest Japanese technology, the material absorbs excess body heat and disperses it. This helps to regulate your body temperature enabling you to have a comfortable nights sleep.

You use the mattress cover as a mattress protector with your usual bottom sheet over the top.  The pillow covers go on your pillow as a protector with your usual pillowcase over the top.

Mattress Covers available in, Single, Double, King and SuperKing

Pillow Covers are made to 50cm x 75cm to fit all UK size pillows.

These products are fully machine washable at 30 degrees.

Prices start from €25.00, message for more information.

Memory foam Mattress toppers

Mattress foam topper

We stock high quality memory foam mattress toppers, they are 5cm in depth with a removable protector that can be machine washed. Also they have corner straps to help secure the topper to your mattress.  Memory foam toppers give you the comfort and support you need to help you have relaxing and comfortable nights sleep.

 Available for the following bed sizes:

            Single  - 90xm x 190cm

            Double – 135cm x 190cm

            King – 150cm x 190cm

            Super King – 180cm x 190cm

             **(can be made for the 200cm long beds)

Prices start from €110.00, message for more information.

Duvet sets

Duvet sets standard range

Quality Range
This range are 50/50 polycotton
they include matching duvet cover
and pillowcase/s. 
Available in a wide range of colours and designs for the following sizes: Single, Double, King and Super King.
Prices start from €30.00, message for more information.

Towels & bathroom



Our towels are premium quality 600grms manufactured in

Portugal, famous for its superior quality in towels. These towels have luxurious look and are beautifully soft with maximum absorbancy. Available in a wide range of colours in sizes: Hand, Bath Towel and Bath Sheet.

Prices start from €6.00, message for more information.

Shower Curtains

Shower Curtains

We stock a variety of colours

and designs of shower curtains.

Prices start from €8.00, message for more information. 

Tea Towels

Tea Towels

We sell a variety of tea towels including quality towelling,

available in a

variety of colours.

Prices start from €2.00,

message for more information.


Wide range of colours


Prices start from €1.50,

message for more information. 

Bath Mats

Bath Mats

Available in many colours and 2 types: (both non slip)

  •  Microfibre – Super absorbent and quick drying

  •  Memory Foam – For extra comfort and luxury.

Prices start from €7.00, message for more information.

Rugs & Runners

We sell excellent quality rugs direct from the manufacturer to give you the best at the best prices.



We sell a wide range of sizes

in many colurs and designs.

These rugs are manufactured to

a high standard, 8mm pile, easy

clean and long lasting. Here are

the most popular sizes we have in stock:

            100cm x 150cm

            130cm x 190cm

            160cm x 220cm

            180cm x 270cm

            (Larger sizes available to order)

Prices start from €35.00, message for more information. 



Our runners are made the

same as the rugs and are

available in the

following lengths - 2m, 3m

and 4m (all 67cm wide)

Prices start from €30.00,

message for more information. 

Bedding, Towel and rugs in Camposol

Superior bedding and pillows for your bedroom.  

A known and trusted name on Camposol. Always great prices, always a

helpful smile, we at Branded are ready to help you transform your house to a home.

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